GWANGGYO, SUWON English-speaking instructor at Children's Taekwondo Aca

GWANGGYO, SUWON English-speaking instructor at Children's Taekwondo Aca

Job details:
Location: Suwon, Gwanggyo (40 minutes to Gangnam and central Seoul)
Salary: Negotiable (depends on qualifications) 
Work hours: Negotiable(PT/FT) 
Student age: Kindergarten-Elementary 
Institution: Kyeonghi-dae Elite Taekwondo   
Visa: F visa / E7 / Training visa

About us

You will be assisting the director to lead children's taekwondo lessons in a small but modern taewkondo studio. Lessons are 50 minutes long and provide a mixture of taekwondo, general exercises and games. You are teaching young children so the lessons are very fun and active. This is not an English academy so you can speak both Korean and English, and just help the children get comfortable speaking conversational English as you play with them. The position is perfect for anyone who wants experience working with kids, practicing Korean, working with a boss and colleagues who will treat you well and from whom you can learn a lot.    
This is an independent academy run by very kind and open people. You will be treated as part of the Elite family and can work comfortably with your colleagues. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and is really good for the children. You should be willing to be physically active and have fun with the students.  
The area around the academy (gwangyo) is very nice and is not far from the centre of Seoul. If you have any queries about the position, you are able to speak with the previous foreign teacher and she will also advise you on anything you need about living in Korea or Suwon if this is your first time.  


Duties include: 
Leading warm-ups, stretching exercises, and games. 
Accompanying children to and from the minibus. Occasionally riding alongside the driver to pick up and drop off students from home or school.
Teaching simple English chants and taekwondo terminology. Speaking simple conversational English to help kids get comfortable around English. 
Generally supervising, playing with, and teaching students not only English but about being healthy, polite, becoming more confident etc. 
Knowledge of taekwondo would be a plus but is not required, you will be taught basic moves or have the chance to improve on your current knowledge. 
Greeting and talking to parents (Korean usually required) 


What we offer

Flight fee, housing, pay, visa, salary etc. are all negotiable depending on your qualifications (taekwondo skill, Korean level etc.) and desired working hours etc. 

What we want

Visa: F visa, or eligible for E7 or training visa
No criminal-record
Taekwondo skills: will result in higher pay, but if you have no experience with taekwondo you will be trained.
Korean language skills: are a huge plus, intermediate level. 

You need to have the requirements below:

AND one of the following sets to apply:

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How to apply

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