Teach children English online

Teach children English online

Teaching online English language classes to young learners in China (one-on-one or in small groups)

Working to a course based on American elementary school curricula

Teaching at least 15 classes per week - 7.5 hours minimum in total, up to 30 hours if desired

About us

We are twosigmas, an online tutoring company working closely with elementary schools in China. We want to bring the best of American education to the growing Chinese market.


We use a customisable education technology solution that we've designed in-house. We want to make sure every student gets the best education possible. That means giving more people access to one-to-one face-to-face teaching via live videochat.


We started out of Cambridge, UK, with the idea to connect high quality tutors with students all over the world, via both online and offline methods. We want to take the best of private tutoring, update it with the latest technology, and bring it to every country on Earth.

What we offer

Up to $22/hour based on experience

The comfort of working from home

The convenience of controlling your own schedule

Competitive salary with a system to reward outstanding teachers

Ongoing training and professional development

A stimulating environment with engaging content that rewards curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity

What we want

We require:

A neutral North American accent, English spoken at an idiomatic level

Experience teaching English

Experience working with children between the ages of 5-12

Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (e.g. Education, Linguistics, Languages)

Some availability to teach during peak hours


We prefer:

A genuine love of learning and teaching

A quiet and professional-looking space

A fast Internet connection, audio/video capability

ESL teaching experience with young people

Current teaching certification

Experience in the U.S. or Canadian education systems


You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

How to apply

For more information or to apply visit http://twosigmas.com/jobs/?var.source=vYcQI

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