Al-Ezdihar Language Institute looking for teachers

Al-Ezdihar Language Institute looking for teachers

In 2002 AL-EZDIHAR LANGUAGE INSTITUTE was established in Qatif-Saudi Arabia. After the success 5 branches were opened afterwards in Sihat and Safwa. Today Al-Ezdihar Institute is an independent language center with nearly 800 students, offering a full range of academic opportunities from kindergarten through Grade 12, and from teenagers to adults. The environment provided for each student attending Al-Ezdihar, regardless of age, is one of support and challenge with the ultimate goal of placing responsible, educated citizens into our global society. We are proud to say that Al-Ezdihar Institute is one of the top independent institutes in Saudi Arabia and the region according the highest international standards available. 

What we offer

Place of Employment : Saudi Arabia . 
Flight ticket :covered by the company. 
Period of the contract : 2 years renewable . 
Probationary period : three (3) months . 
Accommodation : provided by company . 
Food : On teachers own expense . 
Local transportation : Provided by the company if needed. 
Medical insurance : Provided . 
Leave benefits : yes . 
Overtime : Paid at 100 percent . 
Free internet access. 
Training and workshops in teaching covered by the company . 

What we want

We would welcome to our team Male / Female : 

  • - TEFL/CELTA / TESOL male / female teacher with a recognized University degree; 
  • - The teachers with teaching experience 1 year (teaching adults / Kids or young learners); 
  • - The teachers who apply communicative approach in class; 
  • - The teachers who can make the learning process for our students a fascinating experience; 
  • - The teachers who love children, love the subject of teaching and who are able to inspire the students; 
  • - The teachers who are open to new ideas and ready to contribute to the company development. 
  • -Mastering the fundamental skills of the ENGLISH language, and other forms of advanced education. 
  • -To provide appropriate pedagogies - including class size - and environments (classrooms, equipment, resources, and technology) that will lead to student retention and success as well as an increase in the number of majors and minors. 
  • -Having the sense of responsibility and public relations. 
  • - possesses an enterprising mind and team spirit, ready to negotiate all opportunities. 

You need to have the requirements below:


AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
TEFL Certificate
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
Passport Photo Page
Personal Photo

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