Teaching ESL to Children for $20/h (no lesson plans)

Teaching ESL to Children for $20/h (no lesson plans)

Online EFL teaching for Chinese 5- to 12-year-olds using our web-based software and well-developed courses that are a lot of fun.You will be teaching 2-6 children for every 30-minute lesson. There is no need to do lesson plans as we have them in the software for you, with games, knowledge cards, and stories for you and your students to explore together.

About us

JiuQu English:


With language points incorporated into cartoon characters and interactive games, our easy-to-navigate teaching software offers you informative, animated, well-received courses that prove to be life-enhancing presence to both teachers and children. Having hundreds of experienced teaching staff from the United States, backed up by talented and creative course designers, programmers and trainers, our company is no doubt the trend-setter in the E-learning industry in China. We are aspirational with a knack for making learning entertaining and enlightening, enthusiastic with a firm belief that children can all be successful learners . Join us and ready to embark on the inspirational and self-fulfilled journey with our full-fledged team.

What we offer
  • $16-$20 USD per hour. 
  • Recommend Jiuqu English to your friends, get referral incentives( $100 referral fee for every successful candidate that’s referred by you )
What we want
  • Outgoing personality, consistent passion in class, ability to attract attention and teach animated, engaging lessons are necessary.
  • Native Speaker, able to speak authentic American English.
  • Digital literacy -- Comfortably using computer programs and applications.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

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A minimum of 12 classes (6 hours) per week is required, and a maximum of 43 lessons (22 hours) is available per week.


The class time slots:


Every day: 6:00- 6:30am, 6:40-7:10am, 7:20-7:50am, 8-8:30am, & 8:40-9:10am. (morning ET)

PLUS Friday and Saturday: 9:20-9:50pm, 10-10:30pm, 10:40-11:10pm and 11:20-11:50pm. (evening ET)

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