Are you looking for professional experience in Spain? We encourage you to apply before May 15th to increase your possibilities. Application period for students and recent graduates! No matter what your background and level of Spanish are, there is a Meddeas program for you. Receive a monthly income, free TEFL-related training and the opportunity to explore a country.



Do you want to live a once in a lifetime opportunity?
During one academic year, you will enroll a structured program and cooperate with 20 teaching hours a week in one of the 200 educational centres we work with. Gain international experience and add transferable skills to your CV. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a new culture and language, paying no fees and with a guaranteed monthly income, which is more than enough to live in Spain as a student.


Starting dates available:
- September 2017 until June 2018


So what does Meddeas offer you?

According to your background and interests, there is a Meddeas’ program for you that will include a University certified course.


Advanced Programme
• Qualifications: degree in English OR any degree + TEFL course OR degree in Education
• Conversation practice with up to 28 pupils
• Monthly grant is 912 Euros per month OR 462 Euros per month + full board accommodation with a host family


Graduate Programme
• Qualifications: any degree
• Conversation practice with up to 14 pupils
• Monthly grant is 862 Euros per month OR 412 Euros per month + full board accommodation with a host family


Speakers Programme
• Minimum qualifications: any degree OR university students OR gap years.
• Conversation practice with small groups OR assisting the main teacher
• Monthly grant is 312 Euros per month + full board accommodation with a host family


Accommodation details 
There are two lodging options: full board accommodation with a host family or independently housing, depending on your own interests. Families in these programmes are linked to the school and chosen by its principal. Partly because of the obligations with the family, the assistants living with a host family will be teaching at the school 4 days a week. During the programme, the family will cover meals and accommodation expenses. 


The sooner you apply the more possibilities you’ll have to get a suitable placement, so we encourage candidates to apply as soon as possible.

About us

Meddeas is a Spanish organization with presence in five countries that supports multilingual teaching in more than 200 educational centres. It offers language assistant programs and provides consultancy services. Recent graduates from all the main universities in the US have already joined our programmes. 

What we offer

Selected candidates will:

  • Join a Spanish school to cooperate as Language Assistants with 20 teaching hours per week, with the same holidays as the school.
  • Receive a certified course given by a Spanish university. Depending on the program it could be a 20 ECTS Expert in Bilingual Education course or a 6 ECTS TEFL or AMET course (paid by the program).
  • Have paid school holidays (except for the summer period).
  • Have health insurance covered by the program (EU citizens).
  • Receive a monthly allowance, more than enough for living in Spain as a student.
  • Have support from the school’s designated Tutor and from Meddeas, helping the language assistant in his/her task.
  • Teach children aged two to eighteen, learners' English levels range from beginner to advance.
What we want
  • Desirable candidate profile: 
  • Native-level English speaker. 
  • Competence in the Spanish language is not required.
  • Recent graduates (last four years) OR university students OR gap years. Any degree!
  • No previous teaching experience needed.
  • Someone who enjoys working with children and / or young people. 
  • Energetic and imaginative. 
  • With no criminal records. 

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Years Teaching Exp.
Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
Passport Photo Page
Personal Photo

Upgrade Accordion