English Language Assistant

English Language Assistant

Hermann-Lietz-Schule Schloss Bieberstein is currently looking for a English Language Assistant (m/f) to start mid/late April 2017.

The Language Assistant (ENGLISH NATIVE SPEAKER) is expected to participate in the school life of Bieberstein, joining one of the “families”, supporting the teachers and teaching about 15 lessons a week, helping the students mastering the English language and preparing them for exams. In return, the Assistant will receive 950 € monthly allowance minus costs for health insurance, food/lodging and social security (leaving 450 € after deduction of these costs).

The Language Assistant will be accommodated in a single room in one of the former teacher flats, possibly sharing the flat with other university students/language assistants taking part in a practical training year in Bieberstein. Besides teaching in Bieberstein, the Language Assistant is encouraged to attend any classes in Bieberstein he or she might be interested in (e.g. German as a Foreign Language), to take part in extracurricular activities and field trips as a supervisor at no extra costs. School terms usually start at the end of August, and end in July with holidays in October (2 weeks), at Christmas (2-3 weeks), in February (1 week), at Easter (2 weeks) and Pentecost (1 week).

About us

Schloss Bieberstein is a private boarding school situated near Fulda (about an 1.5 hours drive from Frankfurt/Main). It can be found in an old castle on top of a hill, with the nearest village in walking distance.

Bieberstein is home to about 120 students aged between 14 and 20, who are organized in so-called “family groups” of up to 12 students. Each group is supervised by a teacher living on campus with the students. Since the relationship between teachers and students is closer than in state schools, students and teachers call each other by their first names and use "du" instead of "Sie".


What we offer

950 € monthly minus accomodation/food, health insurance, social benefits

What we want

clean CRB check
ability to deal with teenagers and young adults unsupervised
teaching small groups/ one-on-one sessions
good knowledge of English (academic writing, grammar)
moderate knowledge of German helpful
ability to participate in boarding school life

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level
Currently Living in Country
Can Drive in Country
Can Legally Work in Country

AND one of the following sets to apply:

How to apply

Applicants please send in your cover letter, CV, scan of CRB check and possible references to: langassistant[at]web[dot]de 

Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
Passport Photo Page
Personal Photo

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