Full time English Teachers

Full time English Teachers

We are a social enterprise whose mission is to provide English teachers for the Vietnamese state school system as well as operate a growing number of our own private ESL centers. 
Our ideal teachers are those who can adapt to an ever-evolving environment, maintain professionalism in lesson planning & delivery, and meet the physical & mental rigors of teaching an entire 9 month academic year in which schedules, student age-ranges and locations may change throughout the course of the contract. Experience with children, teens, or international exam preparation is desirable.


About us

We are assembling our team of enthusiastic dedicated teachers for the upcoming academic year beginning in September. Our positions are located in provinces of Northern Vietnam in such locations as Hanoi capital and beautiful Ha Long City, on the shores of UNESCO world heritage site - Ha Long Bay. 


What we offer

• Comfortable salary (eliminating erratic fluctuations in month-to-month payments) 1300 - 1500 usd/month on average, including a guaranteed minimum monthly salary (in months with low teaching hours) 
• 8-9 month Full-time contracts with possibility of moving to different locations within our system- allowing for experiencing different parts of the country
• Company-paid work permit 
• Transport & Accommodation support in some areas
We Also Offer:
- International management support in each province where we operate
- Actual guidelines on how to deliver quality lessons
- On-going teacher training & mentoring
- 3rd party training and career development opportunities
- Numerous company & teacher organized social events & outings
- Large, fun international team of teachers in a number of locations 
- Protection from ever changing foreign worker laws in Vietnam to the best of our ability, by LEGALLY employing you.


What we want

** IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS (Regulations of the Vietnamese Government) As we work with the State School System, it is IMPERATIVE to be capable of obtaining a work permit. If you do not meet the following requirements, we are unable to offer you a full-time position with our company.
The following documents/qualifications are required:
* Bachelor Degree or higher
* ESL Teaching Certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA) or other teaching qualifications
* Criminal Background Check less than 6 months old from your home country or last country of residence. If you have been living in Vietnam, a Vietnamese Criminal Background Check will be conducted.
ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE AUTHENTICATED by your home country's Foreign Affairs entity or other authorizing agency before you can be LEGALLY employed in Vietnam. We provide guidance on this, if needed.


You need to have the requirements below:

English Level
South African

AND one of the following sets to apply:

Uni Cert.
TEFL Cert.
Passport Photo Page
Personal Photo

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